Google Business Profile Optimization 2023

Google business profile

Most of us “Google” things as soon as we’re searching for something or trying to know something online. And this helps both the businesses and consumers since consumer gets what he or she was looking for and businesses get a higher ranking on Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

There are several tools such as Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Google Trends that allow trades to understand how their website can rank better on the Google platform. The “Google My Business” is one such free tool on this list that we are focusing on today.

It is not only extremely helpful to financial consultants but it is something that we consider as a necessity. This’s because the Google My Business (in short GMB) toll is your business’s most noticeable thing for local search results.

As per Google, more or less every single individual who goes to Google and searches for a local trade will visit that trade within 24 hours or so. But, in case you do not claim your “Google My Business or GMB” listing, then automatically Google will try to offer the best info about your trade, which might not be always accurate.

Thus, by claiming your Google My Business profile, you can verify, edit all the info about your trade on Google, do Google business profile optimization and also make the linking you need for consumers to find your services firm.

Isn’t it great? So, let’s now know in detail about Google My Business and ways to optimize your Google business profile. Here we go…

What is Google My Business Or GMB?

Google My Business (in short GMB) is a multi-featured, free business listing tool that local businesses generally use to tackle their existence on Google Maps and Google Search. A Google My Business or GMB listing isn’t different from listings on online commercial directories for example Yelp, but it is found straight in Google Maps and Google search engine result pages, and thus it does not need a visit to any third-party website.

To help consumers find out your business on google, and to tell your story to them, you can verify as well as edit your online business information like providing your phone number, business address, business hours, and so many more.

As we are going to discuss later in this article, Google My Business or GMB has gone beyond a mere business listing. Thanks to the prosperity of functions and features, it is now measured as an essential part of the local SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

A Google My Business (GMB) listing can bring to light numerous places when someone performs a local search. In the following section of this guide, we are going to look at what Google My Business listings look like as well as where they appear.

What Does Google My Business (GMB) Control?

Google My Business page controls the following things to help your consumers reach out to your business:

1. Your online business will widely be visible on Google Maps (specifically important in case people include “near me” in the search term).

2. In case somebody specifically Googles your online business, they will get all the info (that you provided) they need. And do not even have to click through it.

3. You will have control over empty or incorrect fields on the Google search information panel (it is on the right and it provides statistics about your online business).

4. Your online business will come in the home-grown pack on Google searches—that is the 3 businesses that come up as recommendations under the Google map before all the results of SERPs.

These are the eye-catching, highly visible listings that boosts your business in case you can do things right—and hamper it in case you do it wrong. It is the major real estate of the SERP—the entire point of Search Engine optimization—and with Google My Business, it is easy to make the maximum of them.

Basics of The Google My Business (GMB)

In case digital marketing is a slightly new thing for you as well as your business, then there are a few basics you need to know first. And it is good to know Google My Business (GMB) and also the value GMB offers to you.

First of all, using Google My Business (GMB) is completely free of cost.

Google My Business listing does not replace your online business’s site.

GMB complements a business’s pre-existing website by providing it a communal identity as well as existence with a Google listing.

The info you provide about your business via GMB will appear in Google Maps and Google Search results.

A third-party platform using the Google Map API (Application Programming Interface) will similarly show GMB listings irrespective of which device type your consumer uses for searching.

In case you have previously utilized any Google tool to complement your online business (for example Google+), or your online business has been there for a while, there are high chances that your business is already listed on GMB.

The Google+ Pages Dashboard and Google Places were the finest ways to handle business information before.

Both have been automatically upgraded to Google’s worldwide platform, GMB.

Why is Google My Business (GMB) Profile Important?

Google Business Profile of GMB is a free, and influential tool for involving customers (Locally, nationally, and even internationally). Consumers can search and get access to your Business Profile through Google maps and Google search.

A well-optimized Google Business Profile is a vital component of any operative online marketing strategy and is a significant way to do the following…

Engage with Consumers

Google manages around 3.8 million searches each minute. This’s mostly in part to the inclusive data that the Google search discloses to the users.

This offers you an immense opportunity to show the best side of a business to customers passing through Google and finding data regarding you or also your business or website.

The main aim is to initiate an interface with probable leads and thus, increase your business.

Convert Your Leads Into User 

An optimized Google Business Profile can immensely help leads find you using keywords, visit your website, call you, book an appointment, learn more regarding your products and services, and so many more.

Eventually, these connections elevate your probability of convincing leads to turn into loyal, paid customers.

Elevate Your Website Ranking

Google helps to rank your Google Business Profile using:

  • Quality of data
  • Juxtaposition to the searcher
  • Importance to the exploration at hand

To influence the Google procedure for Google My Business (GMB) rankings, you should optimize the Google Business Profile. It means more engagement, more visibility, and thus, more business growth. Google Business Profile Optimization can also earn you an advanced ranking on Google maps.

How To Create A Google My Business Account?

Here is how to create a Google Business profile and claim your site in the Google business listing. However, Google infrequently makes updates, thus, a few of the phrasing may be a little bit different but just following these easy steps you can do the needful:

Step 1

Go to the official website

Step 2

Click on the “Manage now” option

Step 3

Enter the business name as well as click on the “Next” button

Step 4

Enter your business address. In case you are a service area trade and do not have a physical address but deliver service (for example an electrician or plumber ), click on the “I deliver goods & services to my consumers” and then click on “Hide my address”.

Step 5

Pick your main business category. It is significant to choose the most appropriate google my business category that elaborates what you do and what product or services you offer to your customers

Step 6

Add your business phone number.

Step 7

Add your business website URL.

How To Verify Your Google My Business Account?

In maximum cases, you will not get to select your verification technique. Google sends a postcard to your entered address, and as soon as it shows up (it normally takes about a week), you will log back into the GMB dashboard as well as enter the verification code to verify the business on google.

Often google provides the option for phone verification. In case you are eligible, you will see the option “Verify by phone” in the GMB profile.

As soon as you click on the “Verify now” option, you will receive a call to get the verification code. Once you get your verification, enter it and you are all set to use your profile.

How To Do Google Business Profile Optimization?

The following steps will make sure you show up in local searches and surpass the competition. Here is how to do the optimization.

1. Claim The Google My Business (GMB) Listing

The foremost step for optimizing the GMB listing is to claim your business. Google My Business is a user-friendly and free tool where you can handle a business’ digital existence for both Google Maps and Google Search.

In case you already have created a Google business profile, you are set to claim the google business listing now. In case you do not have a Gmail or Google account, you will have to undergo the procedure of generating one first to claim the google business listing.

So, if you already have a Google My Business (GMB) account then simply claim your business. And if you do not have an account already then create one today by following the above-mentioned steps to create an account.

You need to do this because this step is among the most significant steps in optimizing the Google My Business listing. This may seem dull, but it’s vital as this’s how Google is capable of verifying whether your business is a legitimate one or not.

2. Categorize Your Business

categories are mainly used to define your business as well as connect your business to consumers searching for the product or services that you offer to them.

By properly categorizing the business, you’re increasing your opportunities of appearing in the topmost results for related searches. This can help you in gaining new potential clients too.

Google generally auto-populates these categories so that you will not be capable of creating your own. Though, Google offers a lot of specific business categories for the monetary services industry.

One can select from options for example “investment service”, “financial consultant”, and “financial planner” to define your business and you can also select multiple categories.

Remember that your main category must define your general business type. You will be capable of adding extra categories to define more precise products and services for your potential clients.

Besides categories, businesses now likewise have the capability to include a business explanation to their GMB listing (As of March 2018).

This short description of your business will appear in the local information panel in Google Maps or Google search result pages for the business on relevant searches.

3. Provide A Short Yet Precise Business Description

As soon as you logged into the GMB account, click “Info” from the menu bar (upper left side). You will then find new sections labeled as “Add business description.”

Now click on the given “pencil icon”, and then a menu will show up allowing you to enter a short yet precise business description. You will have to use brief notes here since you can only use 750 characters.

Although, you have to keep the description short & sweet, ensure that you’re including relevant key phrases in your Google My Business description.

Use keywords that your potential customers would use as soon as they’re trying to discover your service or business as well as do not forget to include those.

4. Add Photos Related To Your Business

Undoubtedly photos are more attractive than text, and thus, they are a must on the Google My Business page. Business websites that use photos instead of text on their GMB listing receive around 35% additional clicks on their websites as compared to businesses that do not use photos.

A photo truthfully is worth around a thousand words or more and can explain many features of your service or product in the short time that text can’t. Use photos to carry your brand as well as answer questions in a dissimilar way.

You must load high-quality images into your Google My Business account that show your expertise.

These images must capture the personality of your team, the interior & exterior of the office space, as well as your work setting. This’s a great means to inspire virtual guests to get to understand you as well as your business.

Since we know the influence images have in the promotion of the financial service trade, we suggest adding a minimum of 3 to 6 images to your GMB listing for best performance.

Google My Business now also provides virtual expeditions so that you can consider appointing a Google-approved professional photographer to generate a 360° virtual tour of the space for projections.

5. Localize Your Business Listing

As soon as you’re creating a Google My Business page for the first time, Google will suggest you search for the business name you are planning to create.

In case your business name is previously listed, ensure you claim the business as your own. This will make sure that you aren’t duplicating your hard work or your places.

Another means to localize the Google My Business page is to list a phone number for a business that has a local area code in it.

Not only does this let Google My Business validate the listing, but also pleas to local projections who may be further persuaded to use local financial consultants.

Finally, your NAP (which is Name, Address, & Phone number), as well as listing data, must be constant across all the online platforms out there.

This includes Google My Business, your social media, and your official website. This’s incredibly significant for Google My Business and also your target spectators.

6. Get Reviews Of Your Service And Product

When people are looking for some new product or services online, they directly go to the review section first to check whether the service or product is reliable or not.

Thus, in case of projections are concerned in working with your business, covering reviews on the Google My Business listing will be an excessive method to build trust as well as offer them further personal evidence of your work or service, or product.

Reviews of your business not only help customers get an impression of what your product or service would be like, but they similarly help your Google My Business page rankings too.

In case your GMB page has around 20 reviews or more, Google is tended to show your GMB page in the listings over a GMB page that does not have any business reviews on the page.

7. Set The Service Area

Just recently, Google has rolled out the selection to list several service areas within a single Google My Business (GMB) listing. This can be separate from the physical location of your business.

However, makes sure to set the service area to a district, zip code, or city, and then apply several service areas in case it applies to the business. If you do so, then Google will rank them correspondingly.

8. Grab More Attention with Google Posts

Google posts are essentially free display advertisements for your virtual business. You must always post advertising offers since users can get Posts even before they enter your official website.

The posts generally display a thumbnail image as well as a brief description. The thumbnail image pops up to a full-sized picture and also more text as soon as someone clicks on them. They normally show up at the bottommost part of your profile panel on the desktop as well as in a devoted tab in your Google Maps app.

Pick an eye-catching photo that is at least 1200×900 pixels. Now, hang on to how the photo is cropped in your thumbnail version so that you do not lose a significant part of the photo or text.

There’re 4 templates for Posts that you can use while creating your thumbnail. The volume of text noticeable in the thumbnail sight depends on the type of template you pick and whether you agree to include a CTA (call to action) or not.

4 Templates are as follows…

Template 1

What are New Posts offer you the maximum visible text in the thumbnail? It comes without a “Call to Action” button, you will get FOUR lines of text or around 100 characters to put there.

In case you add a button, then the link will substitute the last line of your text, so you will only have THREE lines of text. Always remember that!

Template 2

Event Posts allow you to comprise an event title as well as a date choice for the event. Though, each bit of information replaces ONE of your FOUR lines of text.

And without the “Call to Action” button, you will only have TWO lines of text, as well as with the “Call to Action” button, you will only have ONE line of text.

Template 3

Offer Posts consist of an offer name, choices for redemption means for example a visual coupon, link, or coupon code to your website, and a range of dates for the offer.

You will lose lines for the date range and offer name, so in case you comprise a “Call to Action” button, you only get ONE line for your whole description.

The redemption systems and also coupons show only when someone clicks on it to expand the photo to full view.

Template 4

Product Posts consist of a product name as well as a price range. They replace a line, so as soon as you comprise your “Call to Action” button, you will be left with only ONE line of text to describe everything.

Posts generally stay live for SEVEN days after they are published. In case you have numerous active Posts all at once, they will appear in a merry-go-round with the maximum recent post shown first.

Get The Maximum Out of The GMB Listing

As you now know it all from how to claim and verify your business to optimizing your GMB listing, you are now all set to make your first impression.

If you are setting a business up for the very first time or you are optimizing a GMB listing that previously exists, you have got a complete guide here to help you emphasize more often in the local searches as well as find new clients.

A well-optimized Google My Business listing is among the maximum essentials of local searches. Thus, simply get out there as well as show yours off today!

How To Boost Your GMB Profile

Do you know boosting your Google My Business listing helps you immensely to get potential customers? But the question here is how can you boost your Google My Business listing? Well, here are a few major facts to consider as soon as you are planning to boost your GMB existence.

Encourage More Reviews

Online reviews are among the best conducts to grow a Google My Business profile. The reviews cost you nothing but they can do much to increase your GMB’s profile potential and also organic searchers. So, ask for reviews from your customers if possible.

Avoid Spammy Strategies

Google is certainly smart enough nowadays to know whether you are trying to fraud the system by, for example, listing automating content, making keyword stuffing, and doorway pages. Strictly avoid these.

Respond to The Negative Reviews On Your Listing

As soon as your business gets negative reviews, reach out to the customer to make an apology and sympathize. This will show the general community that you truly care for your customers even after they leave your business.

Leverage New Google My Business Tools

Our final suggestion for boosting your Google My Business listing is to take benefit of the comparatively recent add-ons Google has introduced for its virtual business tool. Being a business owner, this is very important for you.


As per Google, the local mobile searches are increasing 50% quicker than standard mobile searches. In reality, 84% of customers now perform local searches. It would be a matter of shame in case your business is nearby your customer and still, they couldn’t find your business since you didn’t appear on the Google Maps and Google search or haven’t optimized your GMB account.

This’s why you need a complete GMB listing with well-optimization, and reviews to show up in the Google Map and Google Search Result listings.


Q. How do I optimize my business page on Google?

A. There are 7 steps to follow so that you can optimize your GMB listing and make sure your business stands out in the local search as well as outshine the competitor.
1. Claim Your GMB Listing
2. Categorize
3. Set Business Description
4. Add Images
5. Localize
6. Get Reviews
7. Set Your Service Area

Q. How can I improve my Google profile?

A. Optimizing the GMB profile is a huge part of the local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) success. So, here are 4 major facts to consider so that you can boost your Google My Business presence.
1. Encourage Reviews
2. Avoid Spammy Tactics
3. Respond to Negative Reviews
4. Leverage New GMB Tools